About Online-EA

We live in a time when companies are looking for ways to reduce spending, reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a better work/life balance. It’s out of these needs that Sheila created Online-EA.

How does Online-EA solve these problems?

We are a professional services provider. When you hire Sheila to take care of your administrative tasks you will be working with an expert in her field who has the knowledge and experience to get tasks completed in the most efficient, cost effective ways possible.

Online-EA works out of a home based office. You don’t have to worry about the overhead expenses and we only have to travel to our favorite digital device to connect with each other.

Finally, through delegating your administrative tasks to a specialist you free up your higher level employee’s time. This gives them more opportunity to do what they specialize in and get excited about. Keeping them motivated to use the skills you hired them for and giving them a better chance to achieve a good work/life balance. Our Services page lists some examples of how we can help you.

Online-EA is dedicated to finding the most efficient ways to get tasks done and is committed to the environment, Online-EA runs a 99.9% paper free office and codes in the dark.