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Make your inbox a happier place

with automation.

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I’m committed to making digital wellness
accessible for everyone who needs support.
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Outlook / Office 365





Wouldn’t it be nice if your email inbox managed itself? Automation can do that! 💌

Learn to customize “set ‘em and forget ‘em” tools for less stress, more efficiency, and more time to do what brings you joy. We’ll look at inbox settings like filters, rules, templated replies, and scheduled delivery. All levels are welcome — from tech newbie to super savvy.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through:

  • Filters and rules that auto-sort your incoming messages
  • Built-in inbox tools to save you time and energy
  • Prioritizing what’s most important with just a few clicks
  • Setting up automated systems for long-term email ease.

Hi! I’m Sheila Penton.

Sheila Penton is ready to share her expertise on your digital declutter journey.

I’m a long-time Executive Assistant, administrative consultant, and business owner with a passion for inspiring joy in everyday life. (Yep, even when it comes to email decluttering.) 

I’m also the entrepreneur and community mentor behind Digital Declutter by Online-EA, a radically supportive online learning platform and community. 

With almost two decades of experience supporting top-level executives, I offer a focused, accessible approach to supporting everyone in improving digital habits and technology use. Join the free Digital Declutter Community for accountability, tips, and exclusive events.