Digital Declutter

Technology is supposed to make life and work easier. More fulfilling. Less aggravating. Right?!?

You’re not alone if the thought of organizing your email inbox gives you the heebie-jeebies. When using technology feels more draining than enriching, it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to declutter your digital life.

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Technology is great for so many things. And it can also negatively impact our lives in more ways than we may want to admit — especially when our digital assets are lacking organization and intention.

Over almost two decades as an Executive Assistant and running my own online business, I’ve noticed that a cluttered digital life can mean:

    • Spending way more time using digital devices than we want to
    • Bad habits that disrupt our concentration, creativity, and wellness
    • Blurry work schedules and boundaries that lead to burnout
    • Disorganized digital assets that make technology frustrating
    • And a deep desire to reshape our relationships with technology.

Sound familiar? Digital Declutter was born out of my inspiration to help everyone avoid these digital downfalls.


Changing our habits is easier when we’re in it together. Accountability is an essential part of committing to lasting change, especially when it comes to a habit as hard-to-crack as technology use.

The Digital Declutter Community is a free, welcoming, collaborative space that offers accountability, focus, connection, and positivity.

  • Each month, we reflect on a theme for decluttering specific areas of our digital lives and celebrate each other along the way.
  • We exchange tips, nudges, and inspiration on our journey to bring better balance to our lives.
  • And most of all, we focus on progress over perfection.

Who is it for?

Everyone. If you use digital tools to connect, play, work, and learn (you’re reading this, so I know you do!) the Digital Declutter Community welcomes you.

Business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs will find digital decluttering especially helpful.

Are you ready to reclaim your digital life with a supportive community?


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