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Resources & support for your digital decluttering journey

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Digital Declutter Community

Decluttering is more fun with friends!

Accountability is a big part of sustainable change. The Digital Declutter Community is a free, welcoming, collaborative space where we:

✨ Celebrate each other & our wins — big or small

✨ Share decluttering tips & inspiration

✨ Offers accountability, connection, & positivity

✨ Welcome any & all declutterers, no matter your title, industry, or background

✨ Focus on progress over perfection.

Dedicated Digital Decluttering Time

Bring your own decluttering project and I’ll provide the container for getting stuff done. This monthly virtual meetup is free, low-pressure, and open to all.

I’m noticing that I’m already less stressed about my photo storage! Even though I haven’t had a ton of time to organize my photos, our co-working time helped me kick it off in a way that gave me confidence and perspective — cleaning out my phone’s photos is not a lost cause after all. 😀 Dedicated Digital Declutter Time is soo helpful when it comes to re-orienting around my goals and my self-efficacy. “

Julia Sinn

Story Shaping | Engagement | Comms Sonsulting, Julia Rose Sinn


If you work best on your own, these resources were designed with you in mind. Ready to nourish your digital wellness journey?

Digital Wellness Goal-Setting & Habit-Tracking Workbook

Goal-Setting & Habit-Tracking Workbook

Take control of your time, focus, and energy by building a healthy new habit. Use this workbook’s mindful reflection and fun habit-tracking tools to help you make a sustainable shift.

Social Media Mindfulness Journal

Is social media adding to your life or bringing you down? Use this journal to reflect on your social media use and learn about your habits with patience and kindness.

Digital Declutter Email Insiders

Just once a month*, I write a note to our decluttering community full of ideas, resources, prompts, and reflections on living a decluttered life. This is one monthly e-newsletter that won’t clutter your inbox.

You’ll get real-life support to make your digital life feel good. And you can always hit reply to connect with me! My Email Insider newsletter includes:

  • One actionable item you can take toward your decluttering goals
  • Free downloadable resources as soon as they’re released
  • Special invites to my courses, live workshops, & community events
  • Surveys & opportunities to let me know exactly what you’re interested in
  • No clutter, no pressure, no icky marketing schemes. ❤️

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