Make your workday work for you.

Expert administrative support wherever you most need it — so you can get back to the work you love.

Sheila Penton ready to help make your workday work for you.

What can an Executive Assistant help with?

Animated illustration of 3 people talking about how they can improve their administrative systems

⚡️ Identifying & executing work that’s bogging you down

⚡️ Serving as a professional liaison for your clients & colleagues

⚡️ Decluttering & systematizing your files, inboxes, & more

⚡️ Producing documents like reports, presentations, & contracts

⚡️ Supporting your digital content creation & website updates

⚡️ Helping you create more efficient and easeful workdays

Illustration of executive assistant joyfully working on client tasks

Executive Assistant Support

I’ll manage the unique administrative needs of your business. No challenge is too big, no task is too small.

Illustration of team working together to get organized.

All-in Admin Day

Need to get organized quickly? Let’s book a day together and I’ll help you get you set up for success.

Illustration of people working together to organize their digital clutter.

Digital Declutter

Find self-guided courses, resources, events, and community to empower you to get yourself organized.

Let’s get you from frazzled to finessed.

“We needed someone with ridiculous organizational skills, amazing people skills, and an out-of-this world can-do attitude. We found that and more in Sheila. The fact that she can not only keep all the balls in the air moving in the proper direction, but that she makes it look simple is mind-boggling. We’re extremely lucky to have her on our side, hopefully for years to come.”

Sandra De Freitas


Delegate the details to someone you trust.

Whether you’re a corporate leader or a solo-preneur, there’s a lot on your plate.

Let’s free up your time and brain-power so you can focus on the work that matters most to you.

Set up easy-to-use systems
Build sustainable habits for long-term success
Add joy and ease to your workday

Sheila Penton on the phone looking out a window providing a free consultation

Curious about how I can assist you?

Schedule a consultation and we’ll explore how I can best support you. I’d love to get to know you and your business!

Sheila Penton holding her dog during Dedicated Digital Decluttering time.

Not quite ready to hire an EA?

I created Digital Declutter just for you: explore self-guided resources and a welcoming community.

Sheila Penton is sitting in a chair with the sun shining on her, happy that she's been able to provide so many people with administrative support.

The EA behind Online-EA

Hi! I’m Sheila Penton. I’m an expert administrator with a passion for bringing joy into everyday life. I’ve got a knack for keeping things organized, a love of dark chocolate, and a passion for Latin dancing. 

Since 2004, I’ve been helping businesses and individuals cultivate more easeful workdays and enjoy a more balanced life.

I’ve always felt most fulfilled when I’m using my talents to support others. I’d love to meet you!

🌱 Online-EA Inc. is committed to efficiency in every way: from finding the most efficient ways to get tasks done to making choices that are environmentally minded. I run a 99.9% paper-free business, minimize transportation (hooray, remote work!), and code in the dark 😉.