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Let me take the worry of administrative matters off your mind.

Digital Declutter

It’s time to declutter your digital life.

Our Services

At Online-EA we love what we do and take pride in delivering quality work. When you work with us on an ongoing basis we are able to anticipate your needs and take a proactive approach to managing your administrative tasks. Below are just a few examples of the services we offer.

Executive Assistant Services

Every Executive/ company has their own unique needs (and a lot of similar ones too!).

Online-EA helps to develop, implement and manage administrative and personal tasks allowing your business to run efficiently and letting you focus on what you are passionate about.

Customer Care

Are you doing it all yourself? Need help, booking appointments, sending reminders, answering questions?

Let Online-EA represent your company and its values, ensuring customers are so happy with the products/ services they receive that not only will they keep coming back but they tell all their friends about you too!

Project Coordination

Have an event coming up? Want to implement new software or systems?

We’ll work with your goals, budget and team members to ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget!

Clear Out The Elephant

Do you have an elephant in your office?

You know… that thing that you’re supposed to be working on but aren’t getting to?

Let me take that weight off your shoulders and give you back the space in your office (and your mind) so you can focus on what ignites your passion.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Sheila was my Executive Administrator for over two years and did a fantastic job. She is proactive, dependable, a joy to work with, and multi-tasks well. Supporting a CEO is a pretty stressful job and she handled it much better than most of the executive administrators I have had over my 25 year career. I would love to work with her again should the opportunity present itself and will take a call from anyone interested in hiring her that wants’ more information.

Tim Leisman

Former CEO, BorderWare Technologies Inc.

Sheila came along at the perfect time in my business. We needed someone with ridiculous organizational skills, amazing people skills and an out-of this world can-do attitude. We found that and more in Sheila. The fact that she can not only keep all the balls in the air moving in the proper direction, but that she makes it look simple is simply mind-boggling. We’re extremely lucky have her on our side, hopefully for years to come.

Sandra De Freitas

Owner, WordPressBlogsites.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Online-EA” stand for?

Online-EA stands for Online Executive Assistant. We are an Incorporated company operating in the Greater Toronto Area offering Virtual Executive Assistant services.

How many clients do you currently assist?

The number of clients we have changes all the time, with some clients signing on for short one-off projects and others that we help on an ongoing basis. During your consultation we will be able to tell you approximately how many hours we have available per week to work with you.

What limitations are there when working with a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Thanks to technology you can do pretty much everything remotely.   Unfortunately we can’t tell you when you’re out of coffee, but we can have some delivered!

How do you manage multiple clients?

Executive Assistants rarely work for just one executive.  Tasks are completed on a priority basis, ensuring agreed upon deadlines are always met.

Will you do rush jobs?

Rush jobs are assessed on an individual basis and may be subject to extra fees.

Have questions you don’t see answered here?

Click here to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.