Ahh, everyone’s favorite digital organizational tool: calendars!

If your calendar is less useful than it is mind-boggling, you’re not alone. These days, with so many different platforms, accounts, ways of communicating, and life events, it can be hard to keep your calendar tidy and helpful. That’s where digital decluttering can help.

Are you happy with the way your calendar is set up right now? If not, what would improve it? Are you using calendar features that help with efficiency?

Let’s dive into some tips and tricks we use in the Digital Declutter Community to create stream-lined calendars that bring joy and ease to our lives.

Tricks and Tips for Keeping a Tidy Calendar

Use Multiple Calendars

Separate calendars are a must for a decluttered digital life. Keep work and personal calendar separate, and create different calendars for whatever categories you want: separate projects, clients, even locations.

One of the greatest things about keeping separate calendars is the ability to view one at a time or multiple calendars all at once. Plus, unique calendars can be easily shared without making your entire schedule visible.

Send That Invite!

Making plans with someone? Send them a calendar invite! My friends always appreciate it AND it blocks the time off in my calendar so I don’t accidentally double book myself.  

Colour Code and Add Visual Cues

Do you colour code your calendar? Colour coding is a foundational task of calendar organizing. Colour coding can help you see different types of appointments at a glance.  Some colour categories could be:

  • Personal / Work
  • Location type (for example: Zoom meeting / in-person / phone call)
  • Client
  • Activity type

Emojis add fun and are eye-catching for quickly seeing what’s on your calendar. Here are some I love to use:

  • 📞 on a phone call
  • 🦷 dentist appointment!
  • 🚆 or 🚗 for your commute or travel time
  • ✈️ flight
  • ❗ important
  • 💃🏻🕺🏻 dance party!

To add emojis to your calendar from a Windows device, press Windows + . (period) to open the emoji keyboard. 

On Mac click on any text input area, when you see the cursor press Control + Command + Space.

Helpful Resources for An Efficient Calendar 

Whether you use iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or something else, there are a slew of helpful apps and tools that integrate with your calendar to help you get the most out of scheduling.


Looking for a simple way to schedule meetings via email? Try Boomerang! Boomerang integrates with your email to embed “schedule” buttons right into the body of your email message. 

You choose your available times for your recipients to select from, they click on the one that works best for them, and Boomerang sends meeting invitations to both of you. It also prevents double booking and can hold the spots in your calendar!


Let’s talk about calendar automation. Do you use it? Adding an auto-booking option on your website is a hugely influential way to increase your conversion rate.

Calendly is my go-to auto-scheduler. It syncs with my calendar to show my bookable times on a live website. I can easily set restrictions for when and how many events can be booked, add my own branding, AND is a breeze for potential clients to use.


Planning a group get-together? Use Doodle! Doodle helps you find the best time for multiple people by creating a poll with time and date options and a link to share with participants. It’s incredibly simple to use and share with any number of people.

Calendar Habits for Wellbeing

Try making your wellness a priority when it comes to using your calendar.  

  • Put “you time” on the calendar. It can feel silly to schedule something like “tea and a book” or “take a walk outside,” but putting it in writing (or pixels) helps your brain see it as a part of your day — and make it happen.  
  • Make sure you have time between meetings (to rest your eyes, take care of your body, etc.).
  • If you can, block off focus days that you want to stay meeting-free.
  • What’s something you’ve been meaning to do but keep forgetting about? Put it in your calendar now! It could be anything that keeps slipping your mind — from renewing your drivers’ license to calling your sibling. It doesn’t have to be work-related!

Scheduling Around Your Energy Levels  

If you have schedule flexibility, what’s one way you could schedule around your energy levels to make your days flow better?

Wherever possible, I schedule more involved and challenging work for early in the week, and avoid it near the end. I try to start my day with specific tasks and project work rather than emails that can suck me in and make me feel unaccomplished.

Let’s declutter! Actions to tidy your calendar:

Differentiate: Create multiple calendars to separate personal from work, or other life categories that you want to look at independently.

Visual cues: Color code your calendar(s) by category, location, etc. Add emojis for quick eye-catching references.

Auto-scheduling: Connect and explore Boomerang or Calendly to start auto-scheduling through email.

Wellness habits: Take a look at your calendar for the next few weeks. How much time is devoted to you and your personal wellness? Add some time on the calendar for screen-free time outside, exercise, family time, or anything else you tend to overlook and what to prioritize.

Digital Declutter is all about using technology to improve our lives. When we start building calendar habits that support easeful planning, we can really embrace the goodness of off-screen life. Here’s how you can start:

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