How about a summer detox?

We’re not talking about a diet! Unplugging from our devices and getting a digital reset might just be the new summer vacation standard. It can help us reconsider the technology habits that are adding to or detracting from our lives.

Technology is a great addition to our lives but it can also be distracting, demanding, and draining. Let’s take time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to our digital worlds.

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A Mindful Reflection

First, take some time to reflect on how you use technology, email and messaging, social media, and all your digital devices. Remember to do this reflection with a large dose of self-compassion and non-judgment. ❤️

  • What space and time does technology take up in your life?
  • How do you feel when you put your smartphone aside for a while?
  • What changes could you make in your daily routine that would help you feel less attached to the screen? 
  • Is technology part of your most special memories?
  • What are your favourite parts of using technology? Least favourite?

What’s one “unplugging” habit you can commit to for the next month or two? You can always go back to your plugged-in ways later. 😉 

Need help deciding or tracking your new commitment? Download our Digital Wellness Goal-Setting & Habit Tracking Workbook! It takes you step-by-step through the process of thoughtfully selecting a goal then tracking the progress you’re making towards it. 

Phone and Screen Time Boundaries 

After reflecting on your technology use, it’s time to create habits and boundaries in your life that support your goals. Our phones are such integral parts of our lives nowadays— so you’re not alone if you feel an almost compulsive attachment to checking your phone.

That makes phone use and screen time habits a perfect place to start your digital unplugging journey! 

Here’s a quick trick for less distraction: Try leaving your device in an inconvenient place! Just don’t forget where you’ve put it. 😉 

No screens at mealtime! 

Do you have this rule? I’d highly recommend it. 

Eating without technology helps us pay attention to our bodies and our hunger/fullness, be more present with those we’re sharing food with (creating stronger relationships!), and brings more awareness of flavors and smells…making the food we eat more satisfying! 

Don’t bring your phone to bed

Do you bring your phone to bed? Eek!

It’s impossible not to get sucked into the portal of social media, emails, games, and messaging if we don’t create boundaries for our screentime. These activities (and even just looking at a screen) activate parts of our nervous systems that can make it very hard to wind down and fall asleep.

Don’t bring your phone to bed with you! Turn your phone off when you go to bed or put it in another room, if you use it for an alarm. 

Scrolling while brushing your teeth? Leave it in the bathroom when you’re done.

Commit to mindful mornings

If you feel the urge to check your phone first thing when you wake, see if you can postpone that “plug in” for 5 minutes. Every time you do, you’re retraining your brain!

Mornings can become a special time of rejuvenation when we don’t start by scrolling.

Create Healthier Habits

Get outside!

Have you been outside today? It’s not too late!

The physical, emotional, and mental benefits of being in nature (without technology) are vast! 

Science shows that being fully present in nature can reduce stress, lift your mood, reduce feelings of isolation, increase cognitive function, make you a better problem solver, improve physical health indicators, create stronger communities, and more.

Take a breaks

What are some things you could do with a 10-minute technology break?

Two things from my go-to list: cuddling with my dog and crocheting! 

What’s on your list? Write it out, keep it by your desk, and take a break a few times a day.

You might:

🚶🏻‍♂️Take a walk outside
🍌Enjoy a snack
🧘🏻‍♀️Stretch and take some deep breaths
🗣Chat with a friend or colleague in person
🐕Cuddle your pet
🌱 Water your houseplants or garden
🛌🏻 Just lie down! 😃

Be bored. I dare you!

Girl looking cheeky with text that reads "Be bored. I date you!"

Using your smartphone when you have even a moment of stillness? 

Scrolling through social media or refreshing your email inbox again and again while you’re on public transit? Waiting in line? Even on a walk or (gasp) at a stop light?

What would happen if you put it away for a few moments and dare to let yourself be bored? Our minds need room to stretch, think, and play, just like our bodies.

“Boredom” might actually lead you to more creativity, ease, and calm. Give it a try. I dare you.

Get Support 

Creating good habits is hard — but you’ve got to start somewhere. 

Start with this free Digital Wellness Workbook, my gift to digital declutterers everywhere! It’s perfect for habit-tracking your way to more unplugged time.

Let’s unplug! Actions to refresh your digital habit right now:

  • Commit to a “no phones at mealtime” rule — for you AND your family!
  • Keep your phone out of your bed! Turn it completely off at night or, if you use it as an alarm, put it in another room.
  • Reflect mindfully on how you’re using technology, what’s working, and what’s detracting from your wellness.
  • Put your phone somewhere inconvenient when you don’t need to use it.
  • Create a list of activities you can do in a 10-minute technology break and take a break at least once a day.
  • Try boredom. 🙂 It might just spark some creativity, action, and relaxation!